About automatic report

The automatic report is the basis for the system of monitoring the fate of university graduates implemented in Poland. Based on the collected data, three types of automated reports are generated that correspond to three levels of analysis:

  • study programme,
  • academic institution,
  • Poland.

Reports are available in full and abbreviated versions. They are generated according to uniform patterns. In order to facilitate reading the results, the report templates contain simple, easy-to-understand, annotated indicators that provide the necessary interpretations and emphasize the limitations of reasoning. The purpose of these reports is not a complete, in-depth analysis of the fate of graduates of selected courses in the labor market, but allowance for acquaintance with the most important indicators characterizing the economic aspects of graduates' fate.

The reports have been prepared separately for graduates who have graduated in 2014 and 2015.

About the research

Monitoring system of professional careers of graduates

Studying the professional fate of university graduates is recognized as a priority in improving the quality of education and adapting the educational offer to the requirements of the modern labour market. The use of administrative data to research educational and professional processes is a proven and successful practice in many European countries among others Scandinavian countries, Spain, Austria, Lithuania and Hungary.

In Poland, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education implements a system for monitoring the professional fate of graduates of higher education institutions. The Polish system is a novel solution in Europe, which is highly appreciated by European researchers. The main source of system information is administrative data from reliable sources - the Social Insurance Institution system and the POL-on system, which is an information system on higher education supporting the work of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

ELA is developed by National Information Processing Institute for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Why is the study safe and reliable?

The applied procedures provided in the law governing the monitoring of graduates' fate on the basis of administrative data of ZUS and POL-on guarantee the full anonymity of the subjects covered by the study. There is no personal data in the analysed dataset, and graduates are distinguished on the basis of a random number that does not identify individuals.

Because of the lack of necessity for contact with graduates to conduct the research, monitoring does not violate the privacy of the respondents. Based on the information, reliable indicators of success in the labour market have been constructed to compare the situation of graduates of different majors in different periods of study. This has not been possible in the situation of researching the fate of graduates with the use of opinion surveys.


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